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Public libraries.... nearly all have internet access and nearly all allow public access at no charge. Most large cities have several library buildings around the city.

This is not a very complete list of libraries, but here is an address of libraries with web sites.

Nearly all libraries offer internet access but few have web sites, which is what this list is.

Picking up your email is a great way to keep in touch while on the road. Cyber cafes have existed all over the world for some time and overseas they are the answer to picking up your email and staying in touch with the stock market, home, office, etc. Many hotels, such those in China, often have an office offering access for a reasonable amount per hour.

However, the failure rate of cyber cafes in US has made it almost impossible to keep a directory up to date. We list directories here with that understanding that most of the listings are no longer in the cyber cafe business of public internet access, even though many are still listed.

The Cybercafe Search Engine   This directory of cyber cafes does not work on all browsers.

The Iowa Department of Transportation has successfully established the nation's first statewide wireless network allowing travelers to connect to the Internet at state-managed rest areas and welcome centers.

Travelers will have access via the internet to instantaneous travel information, including weather and road conditions, construction updates, Amber Alerts and emergency notifications along with the ability to check E-mail and surf the Web.

Travelers wishing to access the system need a wireless-enabled device, such as a personal digital assistant (PDA) , portable computer or cell phone, which uses the industry-standard 802.11b protocol.

The service is free to travelers and provided at no cost to Iowa taxpayers through a partnership with I Spot Networks. This initiative is advertiser-supported through an intuitive interface called Blue Sign Plus, modeled after the familiar roadside signs. Blue Sign Plus assists travelers by helping them locate food, lodging, attractions, and travel services near the rest area where they have stopped, or at any upcoming interstate exit.

As currently set up users must sign up, view added advertising by I stop the Des Moine firm sponsoring the service and must pay after 30 minutes use. Users can stop at the next rest area and use another 30 minutes free etc.

Several other states have some rest areas with free unlimited access, but Iowa is the first to go state wide.